🌟 Welcome to timeless – time travel for everyone! 🌟

Immerse yourself in a revolutionary form of holiday and become part of our unique “Landeslager”: Experience time travel with us! We proudly present you timeless’ ground-breaking initiative, making it possible to travel through centuries of human history, inviting you to experience the past at first hand! 

As a time traveler, you will be an explorer of history, having the possibility to experience the past with your own senses, feeling what it meant to live in another century than the 21st! Our journey will offer you not only a carefully selected program, but also unforgettable adventures and the opportunity to expand your knowledge. Be there when past and present meet and experience the world as you have never seen it before! 

Bring your curiosity and thirst for adventure to start your time travel now! 

🚀 Highlights awaiting you when travelling through time: 🚀

Historic tour guides:  Our expert time-guides will join you on your travel through time and share fascinating stories, new secrets and funny anecdotes you may not have known about centuries long gone. 

Interactive experiences: On your time travel, you will see authentic clothing, be able to taste traditional dishes and take part in thrilling activities, which lets you empathize the feeling of long past lives.  

Cultural Discoveries: Broaden your horizons by exploring different eras’ art, music and traditions. Let the diversity of human history inspire you!  

Timeless friendships: Share this unique experience with like-minded people, make new friends and make remarkable memories, exploring history together! 

You will also be able to book an excursion on which you can explore the surroundings of the campsite. More information will follow soon!

 Which eras can I travel to? 

There will be six subcamps, each representing one period of time. When registering, you can choose which one you would prefer to stay in. However, we cannot promise you that you will end up in the subcamp you have selected, due to organisational reasons. But that’s not a problem! The programme always takes place in all the subcamps, so you can move freely between the centuries. Cool, isn’t it?  


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Welcome to the ultimate adventure for young Vikings! 🛶🏕️

Experience a world of bravery, friendship and discoveries in Walhalla! Our subcamp assures you a memorable time filled with interesting activities! 

  • Chris, Niklas, Katja & Nina


🏰 Welcome to the castle “Burg Finsterfels”! The Duke of Finsterfels invites you to the legendary tournament. You will not only be able to attend the knight games, but also hear legends, music, chansons, see acrobats, jugglers and many more magical performances!

– Daniel, Simon, Romina, Jakub


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We, the 60’s’ Hippies, want to invite you to the era of singing, dancing and environmental protection. Nowadays, things are too stressful, loud and grey for us. Therefore, we offer space for nature, chilling and creativity. 


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Automatisch generierte BeschreibungIn the factory of time, Dampfstadt is always prepared!

Today is January the 5th 1769. James Watt recieves his patent for his new invention: a method of reducing steam and fuel consumption in internal combustion engines. In other words: His patent for the improvement of the steam engine. It is the starting signal for the industrial revolution. 

Experience this exciting time of new inventions, technical and intellectual progress, that has lead us to our modern life! 

– Laurenz, Hanna, Leni, Nico & Jona  


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The sun is shining relentlessly on the barren ground, the summer and its heat are once again almost unbearable. Only the sea promises cooling. In the midday heat, all works stops, the people and their animals retreat to the olive trees’ shade. A lyre can be heard in distance. Life is hard, but the mood in the ancient Greek village of Neopolis is good.

Come with us to the time of oracles, the Olympics and democracy! 

– Isabel, Benedict, Martin


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Steintal is a small, friendly stone age village on the edge of the alps. Most of our inhabitants are families, living together peacefully. Steintal is a place for everyone, young and old. Some of us have a job at the Landeslager, so our community takes care of their children. 

We are looking forward to welcome you in our community, especially if you are seeking family friendliness or programme for kids and those who feel a little too old to constantly hang around youth. 

– Benjamin & Johannes

How does a typical day at the „Landeslager“ look like?

After waking up at 8 and getting ready for the day, you will have breakfast with your subcamp at 8.30. You will have time to eat to do you dishes until the program starts at 10. The program will be different from day to day, of course. You will be able to participate in many different workshops, games, go on an excursion, etc. 

At 12.30, you will have lunch in your sub camp. After lunch, there will be enough time to do the dishes (again:/ ) and to relax, hang out with your friends, explore the camp site, enjoy a coffee, …

At 3, the program will continue until 18.30, when we will have dinner. 

In some evenings, there will be program in the subcamps or singing groups while at other evenings you will have free time to spend with your friends.

At 10, it must be quiet at the campsite, so everyone can sleep well. 

If you are 16 or older, you will be able to spend the evening in the “Oase”, enjoying a drink, getting to know other leaders and staff. There will also be some low key program in the “Oase” you can participate in. 

The schedule

The sub camps:

In order to make the organization easier, we will „split“ the camp into sub camps. Each of them will represent an era. That does not mean that we will not spend time with people who are not part of our sub camp. We eat and sleep in the sub camps and every sub camp will have its own program, suiting their era. However, everyone can participate in every sub camps’s program.

More Information

The Campside

We choose “Jugendsiedlung Hochland Königsdorf” – Königsdorf is a small village which is located in the south of Bavaria. From Munich airport or main railway station it is easy to reach the campsite by public transportation.
You can check out the campsite online on their website:
And for a better view you can look it up on Google Maps:
We will stay there from 27th of July until 5th of August.

The Communication
For your stay, you will normally have a partner group by your side who will accompany you in your activities. You can do things on your own, if you want to! In case of big groups we may have more than one partner group.
The group(s) is/are similar to the age and size of your group.
We also have a whole international Team, where one or two people are there for the planning before your visit and on the campsite for any of your questions and problems. On the stage and at the main program we will have a person who translates to English.

The Planning
Of course there is a lot to do if you decide to join us. But good news! You are not alone. Our international Team is open to help for everything, especially the transportation to our campsite and the planning of little trips like Munich or Neuschwanstein Castle. Just stay in contact with us and let us offer you some help!

The Costs
The very important question: How much is it per person? All information about the prize you can find here

The prize includes the stay at the campsite, three meals a day and all the program activities. Excluded are arrival and departure as well as the extra trips you´d like to do.