The program

The tourism company „Zeitlos – Zeitreisen für Jedermann“ has invented a new form of holiday: Travelling back in time to different eras of the past as a special experience. The participants are thus „time-travelling tourists“ and visit the different eras to learn more about them and experience something there.

Our Motto for the camp will be “Lost in Time” – we will do a time travel from the early years of mankind on to Greeks and romans, to Middle Ages and to the industrialization until we stop in the future. We invite you to the exclusive premiere of the journey into the past. Of course it will be exciting.
The program itself is a mixture between fun workshops, bigger games on and off the campsite and a lot of activities with your partner group as hiking, canoeing and maybe a trip to Munich, Neuschwanstein Castel or the top of the mountains of the Alps. You can tell us, what you´d like to do and we do our best to make it happen!
Our participants are between the age of 11 – 16. For older groups as Ranger Rover (16 – 21 years) we have some extra program. You are welcome!
For all adults (18 Years or older) there will be an evening program too. Traditionally we have a big construction of black tents, where you can come together with the other leaders and have a little free time.

The schedule for the camp

On the whole, there are many workshops that take place in your own sub-camp, but also in the other sub-camps. As a highlight, we are planning an excursion day (the exact destinations will be available from April/May). There will also be a big game with the whole camp, as well as a relaxed morning to unwind and your own activities. It’s a mixture: creative, sporting, handicraft, puzzles.

The evenings are partly in the sub-camp, partly centrally on the stage, but also free for your own groups, depending on the day. The exact program can be seen in the schedule. 

A typical day at the campside

A typical camp day looks like this: 

Wake up: 8.00 am

Breakfast: 8.30 a.m.

Start of program: 10.00 a.m.

Lunch: 12.30 pm

Start of program: 3.00 pm

Dinner: 18.30 hrs

Evenings: 20.00 hrs

There are always free options during the breaks and in the afternoon: We have a camp café for participants and a café for adults. There is also a kiosk with the most important things and also a program centre where you can borrow to-go activities for the group (games, puzzles, etc.)

In the evening there is a tent for all people aged 16 and over from 10 pm. It is a large tent construction and is called „Oasis“. We come together there, from time to time there is a program from the team and you can eat and drink.

More Information

The Campside

We choose “Jugendsiedlung Hochland Königsdorf” – Königsdorf is a small village which is located in the south of Bavaria. From Munich airport or main railway station it is easy to reach the campsite by public transportation.
You can check out the campsite online on their website:
And for a better view you can look it up on Google Maps:
We will stay there from 27th of July until 5th of August.

The Communication
For your stay, you will normally have a partner group by your side who will accompany you in your activities. You can do things on your own, if you want to! In case of big groups we may have more than one partner group.
The group(s) is/are similar to the age and size of your group.
We also have a whole international Team, where one or two people are there for the planning before your visit and on the campsite for any of your questions and problems. On the stage and at the main program we will have a person who translates to English.

The Planning
Of course there is a lot to do if you decide to join us. But good news! You are not alone. Our international Team is open to help for everything, especially the transportation to our campsite and the planning of little trips like Munich or Neuschwanstein Castle. Just stay in contact with us and let us offer you some help!

The Costs
The very important question: How much is it per person? All information about the prize you can find here

The prize includes the stay at the campsite, three meals a day and all the program activities. Excluded are arrival and departure as well as the extra trips you´d like to do.