Shared rules

Being together requires shared rules, so everyone can be comfortable. Of course, we stick to general law, especially in Youth Protection. The camp rules apply for everybody, old or young, guest, staff or participant. At the end, we’re all scouts and want to follow our principles as such. 

The shared camp rules apply as following: 

  1. Property rights

The camp leaders have the domestic authority on the campsite. Their instructions, as well as the traffic and safety team’s and the subunit leaders’ instructions must be followed. 

2. Obligatory supervision

The group leaders are obliged to supervise their groups participants under the age of 18. They are also responsible to supervise the compliance of the camp rules. 

3. Repose times

From 23:00 to 7:00 the sleep repose is to be held, meaning that it must be quiet. We are aware that, on such a big campsite as the Landeslager, noise cannot be totally banned. Still, we all must take responsibility, also for others being able to rest during the repose times. 

4. Alcohol and “Oase”

We have the responsibility to handle the serving and the consumption of alcohol appropriately.  

We therefore follow the German Youth Protection Act, which states the following: 

  1. Only people over the age of 16 are allowed to drink alcohol. 
  2. During the Landeslager it is only allowed to drink beer, wine and sparkling wine. This means that it is not allowed to consume spirits, liquor and other drinks containing a high percentage of alcohol at all. 
  3. In general, it is only allowed to drink alcohol in the “Oase” (which is the Landeslager’s internal pub) during its opening times. It is forbidden to consume alcohol outside of the “Oase” (for example in private tents or on the parking). 
  4. It is not allowed to consume alcohol which one brought privately, meaning it is not allowed to consume alcohol bought anywhere else than in the “Oase”. 
  5. Alcohol will be poured at the earliest when the “Oase” opens (usually 22:00)
  6. Only participants over the age of 16 are allowed to enter the “Oase”. Exceptions are made on particular, fixed days which will be communicated to the group leaders.
  7. A responsible handling of alcohol is presupposed. Whoever stands out negatively or shows deficit behaviour due to increased alcohol consumption can, in agreement, be sanctioned by the camp leaders. 
  8. Smoking 

Smoking of any kind (cigarettes, vapes, shisha, etc.) is only allowed at the age of 18 or above and exclusively in the marked smoking areas. 

5. Handling of fire

At the campsite, it is only allowed to make fire in the fireplaces, marked as such by the traffic & security team. It is not allowed to dig any own fire pits. Further, it is forbidden to make fire in the forest, edge of the forest or in private tents. Open fire is not to be left unattended. If making fire, one must care for having enough possibilities to delete the fire in range. 

6. Vehicles on the campsite

Driving on the campsite and its ways with private motorised vehicles is forbidden during the whole Landeslager. On the arrival and departure days, individual solutions will be found in agreement. 

Parking is only available for pre-enrolled vehicles. 

The traffic & safety team’s instructions must be followed at all times!

7. Animals at the camp

Due to safety- and hygienic reasons, it is not allowed to bring dogs or other pets to the camp. 

8. The campsite

The borders of the campsite correspond to the area the VCP is allowed to use. Other group’s campsites are not to be entered without further ado. We point out that, in order to protect nature, one should respect the neighbouring nature sanctuary. 

9. Living together respectfully

We treat each other with respect. We do not accept incidents offending mutual respect, neither towards other participants of the Landeslager, nor towards anyone else. That includes any (potentially) dangerous games or actions. In order to live together respectfully, one should follow the Prevention Concept of the Landeslager.

We scouts respect other peoples’ and groups belongings, private sphere and personal boundaries, on the campsite as well as everywhere else. 

10. Housekeeping and cleanliness

The campsite and the sanitary facilities are to be held clean and tidy. They are going to be cleaned daily. All participants are required to keep the shared areas in order and clean, meaning one should for example care to replace empty soap or remove their own hair from the sink. The waste on the campsite is to be separated and disposed according to the given waste-concept. 

11. Pictures and videos

Every person has the right to their own image. If you do not want to be photo- or video graphed, you can get a pink wristband in the camp office. Please wear it clearly visible so it is clear to everyone that you do not want to be photographed. If you are not sure, please talk to one of the camp’s photographers. 

Other people’s right to their own image must be respected if you take pictures and videos or share them on Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, BeReal or other platforms and channels. Please take care of each other and ask people, before sharing their images.

12. Violations of the camp rules

If the camp rules are disregarded, the camp leaders will decide on appropriate consequences, based on a case-by-case basis. These can vary from additional general duties to being sent home immediately and on your own costs, meaning, in individual cases, the camp leaders can decide on the exclusion of an individual from the Landeslager. Criminal offences will be reported to the police. 

13. Exceptions

The camp rules cannot cover all possible individual cases. Therefore the camp leaders are authorised to permit individual exceptions or add rules, if needed.